Changes to FSRA data after EBS systems go-live:

  1. The FSRA system is in "read only" capacity and will continue to be available for a transitional period of time. Please be aware HR activity after December 2010 is not reflected in this system and is no longer being updated.

  2. Individual home address information can be updated by logging into the EBS Portal ("EBS Portal Login") and clicking on the Employee Self Service (ESS) tab. All changes to business address, work location, or work phone numbers for employees are currently completed by the Human Resources Records Department and can be submitted to .

  3. To access current non-restricted address information you should use the EBS systems accessed through and the portal link ("EBS Portal Login"). Once you have logged in, depending on your approved level of access, you may retrieve reporting data from the HR system and/or Business Intelligence (BI). If you have questions about access, please see your Unit Security Administrator. If new access is required, an Access Request Memorandum (ARM) will need to be completed. This is available at:

  4. Any additional questions should be directed to the Service Desk at 517-884-3000.

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